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New Laminate Flooring Range – Egger Pro 8/32 + (V Groove)

We are proud to showcase our new Egger Pro 8/32 + (V Groove) range of Laminate Flooring. Our new Egger Pro laminate floor range offers you different colours and grain textures to choose from. You are spoilt for choice! Pop down to our showroom in Tokai or contact TLC Flooring here to discuss colours and [...]

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Best Laminate Flooring Installers in Cape Town

Searching for the Best Laminate Flooring company in Cape Town? Contact TLC Flooring, we have the very best quality Laminate Floors available at competitive prices. Have a look at out our various colours and options available, read our FAQ and other flooring care information on our Laminate Flooring page. Contact us to setup an [...]

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Why to buy Laminated flooring from TLC Flooring

If you are wondering who to buy from, let us help you decide. Choose from our extensive range of Laminate Flooring. THE ADVANTAGES OF LAMINATE FLOORING Laminate Flooring is easy to install (we do it for you) Hard wearing and long lasting. Easy to clean and maintain. Cost effective option. Large selection of grains [...]

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Pet friendly laminate flooring

Struggling to keep those carpets clean this winter? Summer seems to be a long way off still with lots of rain still on the cards. Why not change your flooring to wooden floors. Choose from TLC Flooring's range of Laminate Flooring. Laminate floors are relatively quick and easy to install, cost effective, easy to keep [...]

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The advantages of Laminate Flooring & why it is so popular.

The Advantages of Laminate Flooring It's pretty simple... Laminate floors are easy to install They are hard-wearing and long lasting Easy to clean and maintain Cost effective flooring option View our Laminate Flooring Cape Town page for more information & compare the pricing to that of our other flooring options. Contact us to get a competitive [...]

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Laminate Flooring in Cape Town

Have a look at this recent laminate flooring installation in Tokai - Variostep Native Oak AC 4 Laminate flooring - top quality imported European high density fibre boards installed throughout the home. We're your reliable, friendly and affordable local flooring installers! Contact us today for a quote

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Black Forest Laminate Flooring Collection

The Black Forest Laminate Flooring collection comes in a number of tones and textures including the Maplewood Mist & Oakwood Manor. The 12mm thickness offers firm stability which also helps to minimise the sound of footsteps on the flooring surface. The Black Forest Laminate Flooring range comes with an unbeatable 25 year Heavy Domestic use [...]

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Columbian Oak Vinyl Flooring & Arlington Oak Laminate Flooring

This recent installation is a beautiful combination of two of our flooring products. On the left is Columbian Oak sheet vinyl which is hard-wearing, easy to clean and quick to install. On the right is Arlington Oak Laminate flooring, bringing light and warmth to the room. This combo works perfectly to create a welcoming family [...]

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Egger Kingsize Arlington Oak Laminate Flooring

The Egger Kingsize Arlington Oak Laminate Flooring from TLC Flooring in Cape Town is the ideal choice if you’re looking to add warmth to your living space. The extra width enhances the wood grain, giving it an inviting tone. Contact us, we do everything from measurements and preparation, to installation and after sales service! Find [...]

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