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TLC installs more luxury vinyl flooring planks

The TLC Flooring team has been rather busy with mid summer Vinyl Flooring installations in the Cape. This bathroom was fitter with Skandi Luxury Vinyl Planks in the Oak Vinyl Plank Colour. Talk to the TLC Team to find out more about our range of Vinyl and other Flooring options. [...]

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French Oak Luxury Vinyl planks

A Recent Vinyl Flooring installation in Kirstenhof. French Oak Luxury Vinyl planks. French Oak is a type of three main oak types, including American Oak and Hungarian/ Eastern European Oak. This is mostly used for making wine barrels however in this instance it refers to the colour and grain texture. It is very popular in [...]

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Recently Fitted Gran Treviso Luxury Vinyl Floor Planks

More Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks Gran Treviso Colour: CIGNO 2 Recently fitted Gran Teviso Vinyl Flooring . Have a look at the variation of grain and knot textures.  This product is suitable for home and business. Choose your favourite colours and grain textures. Ask us for more info. You may also be interested in our other [...]

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Fit Your Floors With Luxury Vinyl Planks From TLC

Luxury Vinyl Flooring  Como Earth Colour: OSMIUM We have a wide range of Vinyl Planks to choose from. Contact one of our TLC Consultants to find out more about different Vinyl Flooring grain textures and colours available.

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Preparing a Floor Prior to Vinyl Flooring Installation

TLC Flooring is installing over 1,500 sqm Luxury Vinyl glue down planks at Urban On’s brand new residential development in Bree Street, Cape Town. The team are hard at work making sure the sub floor is 100% smooth prior to applying the glue down vinyl – see video. Watch this space for the impressive [...]

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The best flooring solutions for your kitchen this summer

Keeping flooring in open spaces with busy traffic like a kitchen clean can be simplified by installing vinyl flooring. Very simply put, it's easy to clean, cost effective and we have plenty of different interesting colours and patterns for you to choose from. Don't break your back scrubbing floors. Change to Vinyl Flooring this [...]

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The importance of a smooth floor prior to gluing down vinyl

Vinyl glue down flooring is becoming an ever increasingly popular option for the home and office. The one crucial element that is however often overlooked is the preparation of the floor prior to vinyl glue down. For the best finish, an experienced professional fitter needs to prepare the sub floor with a quality levelling [...]

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Vinyl Plank Flooring in Cape Town

Sandy Oak and Claystone Luxury Vinyl Planks: 2 of our best sellers – lifetime product warranty for residential use, alongside our 5 year workmanship guarantee. Perfect for a busy household with a .55mm wear layer!   Contact us today for a quotation

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What’s good about vinyl flooring?

The wide range of choice for a start! Durable and strong, vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. Luxury vinyl planks insulate well, repel moisture and are slip-resistant.  With all of the choices in colour, texture and finish, choosing the correct vinyl has never been easier. Realistic wood finishes, fine textures and rich colours [...]

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Cortile Vinyl Sheeting

Cortile Vinyl Sheeting is an excellent choice for your bathroom if you’re looking for something durable, stylish and simple. Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to install and TLC Flooring are the expert flooring suppliers and installers in Cape Town. It’s essential to have a bathroom floor that is simple to maintain, water resistant and easy [...]

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