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Hard Wood Flooring From TLC Flooring Cape Town

Need hard-wearing floors for busy spaces? We specialize in Engineered wood, have a look at TLC Flooring’s TIMBA Hardwood Flooring Range, we offer a selection of 4 different grades to choose from. Contact us to find out more & book an appointment to get a quotation. [...]

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Timba Hardwood Flooring, Hard Wearing Floors

If you are looking for real wood and want hard floors, why not install Timba Hardwood flooring from TLC Flooring in Tokai. View TLC Flooring’s TIMBA Hardwood Flooring Range, product info, specifications, colours and options below, get yours in before Christmas. TIMBA HARDWOOD FLOORS - FIND OUT MORE HERE [...]

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Consider Changing to Timba Hardwood Flooring

Have your floors taken a bit of wear and tear over the recent cold & wet winter ? Why not opt for TLC Flooring's TIMBA Hardwood Flooring Range Have a look at the characteristics of our range of Timba Hardwood Flooring below. For more info view our different grains & styles here. [...]

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TIMBA Engineered Wood Flooring

TLC Flooring in Cape Town is dedicated to giving our customers not only the best service, but also the best products. Our own TIMBA Hardwood Flooring range is made from sustainable woods and environmentally friendly materials. TIMBA Hardwood Flooring can be glued, nailed down or installed as a "floating" floor on underlay. Superior construction means [...]

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TIMBA Hardwood Flooring

Looking for the best hardwood flooring for your home? TIMBA is TLC Flooring's exclusive brand and we've made sure that we're bringing you the best quality and the latest technology at a price that you can afford. We're expert floor installers with years of experience in the Cape Town area, just take a look at [...]

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What is the difference between Hardwood & Engineered Flooring

What is the difference between solid Hardwood flooring and engineered  hardwoodwood flooring?  Well, the difference is quite big, so we have laid it out for you in a way that is easy to understand. Solid Hardwood is exactly that; it is a plank of solid hardwood Engineered hardwood is man-made, layered wood with a slice [...]

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