Why Choose Security Shutter Blinds Over Trellis Doors

Security Shutters offer your home a strong security barrier that can be fitted to both your windows and doors. They have become the new preferred replacement to unsightly trellis doors or fixed burglar bars. Benefits Of Security Shutters * AN ATTRACTIVE SECURITY BARRIER * INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME * AVAILABLE IN A [...]

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Invest in your Home Security with Security Shutters from TLC.

It's time to invest in additional home security by fitting your windows and doors with security shutters. Find out more about our security shutters. Contact TLC Flooring in Tokai, Cape Town, to book an appointment and get a free quotation. * AN ATTRACTIVE SECURITY BARRIER * INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME * AVAILABLE [...]

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Security Window Shutters That Improve The Value And Look Of Your Home

With South Africa's high crime rate, security shutters are an elegant, yet robust way of securing door entrances, windows, patios and corridors under a variety of environmental conditions, and protecting both your family and your possessions. Besides providing you with peace of mind, security shutters also add value to your property. TLC Flooring, Blinds [...]

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Ambi-MAX Security Shutter Installation Recently Completed by TLC

We recently completed this installation of Ambient Ambi-Max Aluminium Security Shutters. These shutters are fitted with the additional Ambi-Max Lock has the added security benefit of a key lock, which is ergonomically placed and easy to use. OUR [...]

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