Artificial Grass Installation Preperation

View TLC's Artificial Grass Preparation Video. The remainder of this installation is scheduled to be completed over the weekend. Photo's of the final installation to follow. Follow TLC Flooring to keep up to date with installation images, recent jobs and genuine customer satisfaction reviews. Contact us for all your synthetic grass needs! ☀️ [...]

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Simplify Your Lawn Maintenance with Artificial Grass in Cape Town

If you are looking to spend less time maintaining your lawn, you may want to consider artificial grass – also known as synthetic grass or artificial turf. This type of “instant lawn” is quickly becoming popular for residential and commercial applications due to its low maintenance qualities. How Does Artificial Grass Drain During Rain? [...]

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Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

ARTIFICIAL GRASS FAQ All our products are UV resistant. Each product gets tested to make sure that the colour does not fade over time. The yarn is made of polyethylene. The backing is made of polypropylene fibres and a high quality latex spray. Some options in our other ranges are made of [...]

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