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TLC’s Outdoor division offers quality artificial grass supply and installation.

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Quality Artificial Grass Cape Town

At TLC Flooring we supply a range of top quality Artificial Grass products, competitively priced backed by excellent customer service. We offer our customers a selection of top quality TLC Designa Turf and TLC Designa Hedges, installed by our friendly TLC Outdoor team.


Artificial Grass is fast becoming a popular option in commercial and residential applications.

Synthetic Grass / Artificial Grass comes in a variety of thicknesses, fibres and backings to suit different needs. We offer artificial grass installations in Cape Town.

What is Artificial Grass?

Also knows as ‘Astro turf’ , ‘Synthetic Grass’ or Artificial turf’ is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass.


  • Low maintenance
  • Cleaner option, no mud, less mess brought into the house, especially by pets.
  • Cost effective in the long term, no need to water, no need to mow lawn or apply fertilisers/pesticides.
  • Synthetic grass is permeable so any water/liquids will drain through the surface.


  • Competitive pricing
  • 5 Year guarantee on all installations
  • Experienced fitting team
  • Quality service
  • Stylish products & extensive variety

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You need to remove any debris which falls onto the grass and smooth any infill you may have. A leaf rake or garden broom will remove debris like fallen leaves, help realign the fibres and will smooth the Synthetic Grass at the same time.

Edgings and finishing

It is not necessary to use edgings, however the same edgings as you would use for grass can be used for artificial grass such as logs, fences, stones etc…


The grass has a directional pile, which has to be matched when installing. Fibreglass tape or glue can be used to join the artificial grass together.

Please ensure an actual sample is viewed when selecting a colour as colour and texture will vary.

Contact us for more info on :

Prices per square meter, of material only.
Prices of underlays or installation.


This is not generally recommended as the existing grass will die and compact to give an uneven surface. However if the surface is even and has good drainage then this is possible.
Generally speaking, a mild detergent is the best thing to use. Products that are acidic in nature (ie. pH less than 3) or have oxidising properties (like bleach or peroxide) should be avoided.
This depends on the usage and traffic, however it should last approximately. 10 years.

No, all the of the products are UV resistant and have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the colour does not fade over time.

The synthetic grass yarn is made out of a very high quality polyethylene, whereas the backing is made out of polypropylene fibres and a high quality latex spray.

Yes, pets love enjoy and sleeping on soft synthetic grass. Cleaning of dog mess would be as per usual and hose the area rinse the rest out once a week if needed. Ensure that under the turf there is decent drainage which should be discussed prior to installation.

The base must be able to support the intended foot traffic / weight of the area and the base must supply sufficient drainage for the synthetic grass.

Base-works can vary from just compacted soil with sufficient drainage to full g5 sub-base with cement or otherwise with asphalt bases.

There are drainage holes in the synthetic grass which allow for water drainage through the synthetic grass. It is important to ensure that the base has sufficient drainage.

All our products are non toxic, soft and safe for children to use and enjoy.

We guarantee the turf and installation for up to five years, but one should expect the turf to last well over 10 years, provided the facility is well managed. We have various installations that are over 10 years old and still going strong.

Although very little maintenance is required. The grass should be brushed using a hard-brislte broom at least twice a month and be kept relatively clean of wastage and debris. The surface should be washed down if any sort of spillage occurs on the surface. Ensure that the drainage system is not blocked.

Unfortunately all the synthetic grass comes in its set green colour. Only the OVAL product has the option of two different greens.

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