Cold floors, warm carpets, winter is not over yet.

The mock charge of our rent weeks warm weather resembled that of an early spring. Winter is not over yet, temperatures have dropped and fireplaces continue to roar. Warm the cold floors of your home with a brand new carpets from TLC Flooring. We have a selection of carpets to choose from, why wait, [...]

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Winter is here, warm up your home with the right flooring

It's that time of year when the cold fronts start to hit the Western Cape, temperatures suddenly start to plummet and you are left with a cold house. TLC has some warm idea's to keep the cold out of your home this winter. Find out what kind of warm flooring options TLC Flooring has [...]

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Order your new carpets from TLC Flooring before winter?

Carpets are natural insulators,  stop the cold from getting to your feet by installing a carpet. We have an extensive selection of carpet types, patterns and colours for you to choose from. Browse our website's carpet page for some examples of what we have on offer. Contact us for a free quotation. [...]

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TLC opens this week for 2019 orders. Contact us for a quote

The TLC Flooring team is ready to take your orders for 2019. Contact us for a quotation for any of your Flooring, Blinds, or Outdoor requirements. Wooden Flooring Laminate Flooring Vinyl Flooring Engineered Wood Bamboo Flooring Blinds Shutters Carpets Artificial Grass

Cold feet? Get your floors some warm carpets from TLC Flooring this winter

Underfloor heating is not always affordable. Carpets may be the answer you are looking for this winter. We have a selection of warm carpets to cover your cold floors with. Visit our showroom in Tokai to view our selection of carpets on offer. GET A QUOTE NOW

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Luxurious, soft carpets for your home

The Superweave by Balgotex is a rich, gentle carpet which is perfect for your home. TLC Flooring will measure and fit your carpets in Cape Town. Soft underfoot and touch wearing, the Superweave comes in a range of swatches and is tough wearing. See more about carpets here or contact us now for a quote

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Essence Carpets for your Bedroom

If you're looking for the ideal carpet which brings a warm and cosy atmosphere to your bedroom, try Essence from TLC Flooring in Cape Town. Available in a wide variety of colors, this carpeting is soft underfoot and stain proof.   Interested in reading more about carpeting? Click here. For a quotation or to see [...]

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