I HAVE to let you know how awesome you are, so that you keep doing what you’re doing!

We take great pride in sharing this customers review publicly. Thank you Leanne for your feedback! "Hi, I recently bought my first home and had to deal with A LOT of contractors and vendors for the renovation – Man oh man, good quality and service is hard to find!!!! So, after dealing with you [...]

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We are proud to share some of our most recent reviews

People do indeed talk about us, it's great to know it is all positive. It means a lot to us to get feedback like this from our customers. It's the kind of information we are proud to share. Please take a moment to read for yourselves what our customers are saying about us on [...]

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Recent laminate flooring Installation photos sent in by our client

We recently fitted new laminate floors for a customer and are happy to share her feedback sent. Product Purchased: Krono Original Prima Laminate with color Baronial Oak. Grade: AC3 / 31 ;  Size: 8mm Prima Floor is the ideal laminate flooring for today’s busy life. This KRONO ORIGlNAL® laminate flooring is lovely to look at, [...]

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What a wonderful impact the the new floors have made at Alnoor Orphanage

We are privileged to be able to share a referral from our client at Alnoor Orphanage. TLC Flooring was was recently contracted to assist with the replacement of flooring at the Orphanage. We were happy to be able to contribute to making the Alnoor Orphanage a more homely living space. Before [...]

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