Vertical blinds have traditionally been popular for use in offices. They help provide perfect control over the amount of incoming light and the view. However, their many decorative possibilities allow vertical blinds to be used effectively in the home to accentuate large windows and cover sliding doors.

What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds consist of slats of fabric running from the top of a window to the bottom and are clipped to a sliding track. They can be drawn across the window and opened at various angles by pulling on a plastic chain or twisting a plastic or wooden wand.


What are the Benefits of Vertical Blinds?

The fabric used on these types of window coverings is thicker than the fabric used for horizontal blinds, which helps block sunlight and its damaging UV rays more effectively. Vertical blinds also provide privacy while allowing in light.

They are ideally suited to cover sliding doors as they can be partially opened to provide just the right amount of access while still covering a portion of the door. Sliding doors, as well as tall windows, benefit from vertical blind coverings as they emphasise height and can cover the entire area of the window or sliding door.

Furthermore, if any single panel is damaged, it is easy to replace – without having to replace the entire set of blinds. The availability of fabric colours and styles also makes them versatile enough to match any interior décor.

Possible Considerations

Vertical blinds can cause a soft clicking noise when opened or disturbed by the wind or a fan. They can also attract dust from the floor. Fortunately, they can be easily cleaned.

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are very easy to clean and maintain if they start looking a little grubby. Simply close the blinds fully and then vacuum them slowly using the upholstery attachment that comes with the vacuum cleaner. Once you have done the one side, turn the blinds to face the opposite direction and repeat the slow vacuuming from top to bottom. If the blinds still require some cleaning, they can be washed, or spot cleaned while still hanging.

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