Summer is around the corner and, while you may be looking forward to warming sunshine on your shoulders, the sun’s rays are not great for your carpeting and furniture. While natural light improves the look of a room and makes it appear larger, consistent exposure to sun and heat can cause damage to upholstery, wood and carpets.

There are several measures you can take to protect your furniture and carpets from fading and discolouration. One of the easiest and cheapest is simply to move the furniture out of the light, but this may not be practical. Another option is to apply a window film on the inside of your windows that creates a protective layer and reflects the harmful rays.

A third option is to use a decorative window treatment, which not only looks great but adds value and functionality too. Roller blinds have become increasingly popular to reduce glare while retaining the view and are available in a wide range of fabrics, textures and colours. These blinds do not have slats but consist of a single piece of material that is rolled up and down by a chain and roller mechanism. They can also be motorised to facilitate opening and closing.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

These sunscreen roller blinds will block out the glare but still allow you to see out of your window and are available in a range of different colours to suit your interior.

Block Out Roller Blinds

These block out roller blinds serve a dual purpose; to block out the harmful rays of the sun and to prevent anyone from looking inside your home when it is dark outside.

Double Roller Blinds

These double roller blinds consist of two sets in one; one roller blind for the front and one for the back, which makes choosing from different colours, sunscreens and blocks out designs so easy.

TLC Flooring based in Tokai, Cape Town, not only offer flooring but also blinds for both indoor and outdoor use too. Their sales team has a wealth of experience and are extremely well-versed in providing their clients with the necessary information to ensure that the correct purchasing decision is made. Their installation teams measure, deliver and install their blinds to the highest standards of excellence.

See automated roller blinds in action here or take a look at roller blinds from the inside and outside.

TLC Flooring supplies and fits a wide variety of custom-sized blinds in the greater Cape Town area, where they offer their clients the most competitive blinds pricing and installation in the Cape – which makes TLC’s Blinds division the preferred blinds company in Cape Town.

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