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The importance of a smooth floor prior to gluing down vinyl

Vinyl glue down flooring is becoming an ever increasingly popular option for the home and office. The one crucial element that is however often overlooked is the preparation of the floor prior to vinyl glue down. For the best finish, an experienced professional fitter needs to prepare the sub floor with a quality levelling [...]

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Get a quotation for Artificial Grass from TLC Floorings TLC outdoor division

The football is over, the mid winter rains are over, time to plan for your outdoor living space as the warmer weather sets in. Water restrictions may still be in effect for some time which is raising interest in alternative ground cover to soggy or baron grass. Many Captonians are opting to lay artificial [...]

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Cold feet? Get your floors some warm carpets from TLC Flooring this winter

Underfloor heating is not always affordable. Carpets may be the answer you are looking for this winter. We have a selection of warm carpets to cover your cold floors with. Visit our showroom in Tokai to view our selection of carpets on offer. GET A QUOTE NOW

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The advantages of Laminate Flooring & why it is so popular.

The Advantages of Laminate Flooring It's pretty simple... Laminate floors are easy to install They are hard-wearing and long lasting Easy to clean and maintain Cost effective flooring option View our Laminate Flooring Cape Town page for more information & compare the pricing to that of our other flooring options. Contact us to get a competitive [...]

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