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Vinyl Plank Flooring is the way to go

There are many options available when you're looking for the perfect flooring solution for your home in Cape Town. TLC Flooring are the expert floor installers and we're always on hand to give you the best advice. Vinyl plank flooring is a modern, durable and beautiful flooring solution which makes top quality flooring affordable. Easy [...]

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TIMBA Hardwood Flooring

Looking for the best hardwood flooring for your home? TIMBA is TLC Flooring's exclusive brand and we've made sure that we're bringing you the best quality and the latest technology at a price that you can afford. We're expert floor installers with years of experience in the Cape Town area, just take a look at [...]

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Beat the Drought – Synthetic Lawn

The drought that has gripped the Western Cape is only set to get worse, with little or no rain predicted for what is expected to be a harsh, dry summer. TLC Flooring has a solution to help keep your garden or outside area looking fresh, vibrant and inviting. Why struggle to keep a few patches [...]

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Underfloor Heating for Vinyl Flooring

Last week, we told you all about why vinyl flooring holds great promise for affordability, durability and beautiful designs. TLC Flooring fits underfloor heating for vinyl floors! This means that you can have the perfect blend of style, practicality and comfort in your home at a great price! When we install your new vinyl floor, [...]

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What’s good about vinyl flooring?

The wide range of choice for a start! Durable and strong, vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. Luxury vinyl planks insulate well, repel moisture and are slip-resistant.  With all of the choices in colour, texture and finish, choosing the correct vinyl has never been easier. Realistic wood finishes, fine textures and rich colours [...]

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