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Luxurious, soft carpets for your home

The Superweave by Balgotex is a rich, gentle carpet which is perfect for your home. TLC Flooring will measure and fit your carpets in Cape Town. Soft underfoot and touch wearing, the Superweave comes in a range of swatches and is tough wearing. See more about carpets here or contact us now for a quote

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Bathroom Flooring – Something Different

Are you looking to add an edge to your new bathroom and you're tired of looking at the same tiles over and over again? We've go a great soltuion for you that is waterproof, very easy to clean and it adds a modern chic to your bathroom. The Light Grey Ash vinyl floor from TLC [...]

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The Perfect Laminate Flooring for your Modern Loft

After you've drawn up the plans and begun construction of your new room-in-roof, loft or other upstairs extension, you'll need to find a flooring solution which matches your style and the space. The Egger Kingsize Verdon Authentic Oak Laminate Flooring is great for your airy, light loft or upstairs area. The wide boards add a [...]

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Trendy Flooring for your Living Room

If you have just completed renovations and are looking for the ideal flooring solution then TLC Flooring has a variety of great laminate flooring options for you. If you are trying to find something that is modern, deep and characterful, the Egger Kingsize in Valley Oak Mocha is the perfect choice! The broad board mean [...]

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