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FinOak Unfinished European Oak Flooring

Lift the mood of a room or bring light into your house with rustic FinOak Unfinished Oak Flooring from TLC Flooring. With its multi-layered design, its toughness matches its wire-brushed top surface. The unique patented glue-less joining system makes for easy installation and greater strength. Choose to have longer boards for a more classic, genuine [...]

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Oregon Pine Time

Return to the classic wooden flooring look with TLC's Oregon Pine flooring. With each piece expertly crafted from various hardwoods to provide a top quality finish and superior durability. Choose between either an oiled or a lacquered finish depending on the amount of foot traffic, texture or shine you prefer. Perfect in any room from [...]

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The Simple Flooring Solution

As far as flooring goes, there are many choices of colour, texture, material and style. Cost effective and versitile, Engineered flooring makes for easy, quick installation. All of our installations are carried out by experienced teams and come standard with a five year guarantee. Keep up with the latest trends and add elegance to your [...]

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